What I’ve Been Reading Lately

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

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Can you believe it’s already the middle of January? Sheesh! Since we’re at that point in the month, I wanted to check in and say “hi, how are you?” I also wanted to share what I’ve read so far and my thoughts on them.

While I’ve set myself for an ambitious reading year, my month has been moving at a glacial pace. I’m slightly behind in my TBR and it’s taking me a much longer time to read my books. Don’t know what that is about. Maybe it’s just the cold days or burnout or something.

Before I get into the books I read, I did want to mention that I started The Water Cure and ended up putting it on my DNF shelf. While the language was beautiful, I wasn’t a fan of the story. I feel like there was a golden opportunity to write a feminist dystopian novel, but what I got was a little cultish, a little boring, and a lot of beautiful language. Sorry, friends! Not in a place to read a novel like this.

The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin

So I started this book in 2018 and finished the book within the first day of 2019. I don’t know where this counts. Is it the last book I read in 2018 or is it the first book of 2019? Either way, I was a little disappointed in this one. While I’m still a huge fan of this series, I felt like this book moved slower than the first book. I almost feel like this book spends more time building the world than getting into the meat of the story. Second novels in series are meant to capture the audience and really start moving the plot, but this one felt like it was playing catch up. The ending did surprise me with how fast it was and it does set up the final book well. I just wish there was some more going on in this one.

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The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

This is the first novel in a new series by Roshani Chokshi. I was super excited when I first got the book, but then I sat down and almost finished the entire book in one day. It’s almost like a historical fantasy taking place in the 1880s in Paris and having some magical elements in it. It’s definitely on the fantasy end, but if you’re a fan of adventure-style stories like Six of Crows or even movies like National Treasure, then this one is for you. Also, let me talk about the representation in this book. Every person  is unique in their own way, brings something to the table, and it’s just a good old friendship times. Haha. I really loved this novel and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Sadie by Courtney Summers

This winter, I wanted to read a little more thrillers. I think everyone gets in the mood for something based on the seasons. For me, it’s thrillers in the winter. This book takes the popularity of serialized true crime podcasts and puts it into a story. What if you had special privilege and can read into their minds? We follow Sadie on her journey to oust her sister’s murderer, but also get backstory on what happened through the podcast. It’s a really intriguing book that unfolds all its secrets slowly. When you finally get to the end, you end up asking yourself “did Sadie finally get to him or did she die fighting for what she believed?” It’ll definitely warm your blood on those long winter nights.

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If You Leave Me by Crystal Hana Kim

I just finished reading this book and it’s my first five-star review of the year. We follow Haemi, a young teenage girl, who is in love with her childhood best friend. However, that love is cut short when Jisoo comes courting her during the years before the Korean War. It’s a complex story about one family living in post-war Korea, but it’s representative of its time and beyond.

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What have you been reading this month?


What I’ve Been Reading Lately

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Happy Mid-Month! So I’ve been trying to think of fun ways to share with you what I’ve been reading lately. I figured this is the best way to give you some idea of what’s going on in my reading life.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then I’ll let you know here. I recently downsized my massive 18-book TBR down to 10. I feel so much better now with reading 10 books over 18. I think I was trying to get as much reading done before the end of the year and it just wasn’t happening. It would basically mean I’d be reading ALL DAY for the entire month without breaks. I don’t know about you, but I love to read but I don’t love reading where it’s an obligation.

Also, it’s tough to keep up with a TBR. I keep getting new books every week and I just want to tear into them now, but because I’m trying to keep to my TBR and go rogue, I’ve had to wait. And I hate waiting. I might have to reconsider this whole monthly TBR in the new year.

But now that my list has narrowed down, I feel like I can read these books at the pace I enjoy. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

It honestly doesn’t take a lot to impress me and after being disappointed by Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, I didn’t have my hopes too high for this one. However, this turned out to be a fun book and I love fun so of course I enjoyed this one. This was a fun little read and the book I read after cutting down my list to ten books. It was definitely a great palate cleanser, a fun little love story, and not too tough at all. There were a few things I wasn’t happy about, but it doesn’t really take away from the rest of the story. Check this one out if you’re looking for something light and easy this holiday season.

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The Matchmaker’s List by Sonya Lalli

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Genre: Romance/Womens’ Contemporary Fiction

I honestly don’t think this is a romance novel. This is definitely women’s fiction about Raina’s dating life. It’s got a lot of different components and becomes a really compelling read, but there wasn’t a lot of love. I think romance and love are the main topics of conversation, but I feel like this is more of a woman’s journey to finding herself and finding who she wants to really be with. I enjoyed it when you think of it that way. I know a lot of people won’t like this one because of some of the other themes that come up. That’s okay. I’ll just have to hype this book up as a story about a young woman who’s been pushed around by her friends, family, and exes a little too long.

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Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
  • Genre: Literary Fiction

I have to keep emphasizing this, but this book is less than 200 pages long and it will rip your heart out. It’s a character-driven story about three people: Eden, a paraplegic bedridden solider who is waiting for his last breath to finally come. Mary, Eden’s wife who secretly had sex with Eden’s best friend (and fellow solider) and birthed their daughter. The solider who is randomly a part of this entire endeavor, dead in the same accident that handicapped Eden and watching over the last few years waiting for Eden to die. It talks about death and dying in both what’s ethical for a human to die and what happens after you die. It also covers the strange events leading up to Eden and his friend both being in this accident. You feel the most sadness for Eden. He’s suffering for three years, using codes to ask the nurse to kill him, and he’s not sure if his wife loves him anymore. While it isn’t my cup of tea despite it breaking my heart, it is something to definitely check out.

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What I’m Reading Wednesdays – The Crowns of Croswald by DE Night

What I’m Reading Wednesdays – The Crowns of Croswald by DE Night

I picked up this book recently because the publisher reached out to me to do a giveaway. I already loved the fact that this indie pub reached out to me with a middle grade read for young fantasy lovers. Also, it takes place at a magical school so you know I’ll read it.

But because I’m doing a giveaway, I always want to read the book I’m giving away before I actually do it. I feel like it’s more authentic to know what you’re about to get into.

Anyway, here’s more about the book

34944590For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald’s mysterious gems. When Ivy’s magic––and her life––is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.

So far, this book has been a fun one. There’s a lot of inspiration from Harry Potter, but the differences are subtle enough to make this an authentic story. I love the idea of quills holding magic power. I love that Ivy is a precocious little girl. So far, it’s been a great little middle read for any young teenager.

I’ll probably finish this book today since the reading isn’t too difficult.

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What I’m Reading Wednesday/Author Spotlight – Octavia Butler

What I’m Reading Wednesday/Author Spotlight – Octavia Butler

Today is a very special Wednesday because not only is it the day I share my current reads with you, but this read is also an author spotlight of mine for November.

Octavia Butler has been on my reading list since I bought this Mind of My Mind t-shirt from Out of Print Clothing. I recall feeling a little sheepish buying a t-shirt of a book I’ve never heard of. However, I told myself that I would eventually read Octavia Butler and that time has finally come. I’m a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy especially when they’re written by women and women of color. Science fiction still feels like that one of those genres that’s dominated by white men and so I try my best to mix it up and include other authors of the genre.

However, what I’m learning about Octavia Butler has been blowing my mind.

I like to think of Octavia Butler as one of the earliest African American and female author of science fiction and fantasy. She’s been herald as ahead of her time writing about being a woman, being African American, being infringed, and being working class. She used her experiences growing up to help fuel the fire of her stories and the science fiction genre because it’s just so vast and the imagination is endless. She’s the first science fiction writer to be given the MacArthur Fellowship and a huge influence in the Black science fiction genre.

For my What I’m Reading Wednesdays, I’ll be exploring this genre and how that works with one of Octavia Butler’s iconic works, Kindred. I honestly feel like I’m learning so much just by picking up her novel. Here’s more on Kindred:

60931The first science fiction written by a black woman, Kindred has become a cornerstone of black American literature. This combination of slave memoir, fantasy, and historical fiction is a novel of rich literary complexity.

Having just celebrated her 26th birthday in 1976 California, Dana, an African-American woman, is suddenly and inexplicably wrenched through time into antebellum Maryland. After saving a drowning white boy there, she finds herself staring into the barrel of a shotgun and is transported back to the present just in time to save her life.

During numerous such time-defying episodes with the same young man, she realizes the challenge she’s been given: to protect this young slaveholder until he can father her own great-grandmother.

So this book is hitting all my science fiction needs. It’s got time travel, which in and of itself is paradoxical. It’s got a young African-American woman as the main character. It has her traveling back in time to a very poignant time in African-American history.

I think I’m about to have my mind blown. Will you be reading along with me?

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What I’m Reading Wednesday

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wasn’t sure if people liked sneaking a peek at what I’m reading this week, but I’ll keep soldiering on because I like it. That’s pretty much all that matters when it comes to a blog, right?

This week’s read isn’t technically a read, but it’s in book format and so I thought it’d be fun to highlight.

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What I’m Reading Wednesdays

What I’m Reading Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s another day to talk about what I’m currently reading.

The past couple of days felt like me playing catch up with this blog. I’ve been making some subtle tweaks and writing up some blog posts, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to just  I’ve decided to start live-tweeting my thoughts because why not?

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What I’m Reading Wednesday – Spooktober Edition!

What I’m Reading Wednesday – Spooktober Edition!

Alright, folks. This weekend is the #8inBoo Read-a-thon over on Bookstagram. It’ll be hosted by the ladies of 25inFive and it’s going to be so fun!

What is a read-a-thon?

A read-a-thon is just a challenge to read as much as you can over the course of a few days. For example, 25inFive stands for “25 hours of reading over the course of 5 days.”

For 8inBoo, the challenge will be reading for 8 hours over the course of two days. The “boo” in this reference is because it’s freaking Halloween time and we’re going to read something scary. This weekend (October 19 – October 20) will be the weekend to die for.

Of course, you don’t have to read something scary, but I will. I don’t normally read horror or thriller fiction because I’m a huge baby and I can’t stand the scares. However, it’s a very important time of year where the folks of America scare the ever-living daylights out of each other in good cheer. I don’t get into that, but I do get into reading.

Here’s what I’ll be reading this year for #8inBoo

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What I’m Reading This Weekend – August 17, 2018

What I’m Reading This Weekend – August 17, 2018

Happy Friday, folks!

It’s T minus 7 days until I move from New Jersey to California. The road will be a long one and I’ll physically be homeless from then until we move into the new apartment. For now, we’re planning a road trip down to Florida, spending some time with our families, and just enjoying the rest of the east coast before leaving it for quite some time.

The moving process has been pretty exhausting. While I don’t have the biggest library ever, I do have a lot of books so I spent most of my time organizing and packing them up. I’ve got a nice little pile and my Kindle to get me through the period without my TBR.

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What I’m Reading This Weekend – August 10, 2018

What I’m Reading This Weekend – August 10, 2018

Welcome to the weekend, folks!

I’m sorry for not responding to comments and posting as frequently. I have reasons for all of that and that includes moving! That’s right, I’LL BE MOVING AT THE END OF THE MONTH!

My husband and I decided to make the trek from New York to Los Angeles and we’ll be residing there soon. I cannot wait!

However, this means there will be a slight slowdown on the blog. I know you all love coming here and reading what’s up in my bookish world, so I’ll try to update as much as I can. For now, it’ll be a little bit slower until we’ve moved to our new place (and set up Internet).

For now, let’s take a look at what I’ll be reading this weekend!

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