What I’m Reading Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wasn’t sure if people liked sneaking a peek at what I’m reading this week, but I’ll keep soldiering on because I like it. That’s pretty much all that matters when it comes to a blog, right?

This week’s read isn’t technically a read, but it’s in book format and so I thought it’d be fun to highlight.

Today’s Reading Wednesday includes a very famous composer, lyricist, and broadway musical producer Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin-Manuel has been tweeting these little pep talks everyday and took everyone’s advice to make a book of all the little pep talks. Now, we all can have a copy of his pep talks, which has brightened my morning considerably. I mean, as much as possible. It doesn’t help when you have depression and anxiety and everyday is a new adventure.

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As the winter months start approaching and daylight hours start to dwindle, I think I’ll be turning to this book every once in a while. His daily affirmations aren’t always positive, but it keeps you strong. It’s like he’s talking directly to your soul and knows exactly what you’re feeling. He wants you to take that and fuel you or calm you down. Start every day with a better view than you did yesterday and end every day with gratitude that you had the energy to begin with.

I read this book straight through because I wanted to, but I’ll be keeping this book by my bedside to peruse every once in a while. It’s nice to open it up to a spread, read what it says, and let those words sink into your thoughts as you begin your day or end your day.

Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t a preacher of tough love, but just being gentle with yourself and giving yourself the space you need to achieve your dreams. He goes on about how today might be the day that you achieve greatness or it might be the day you take one step closer to greatness. Honestly, this book has given me some well-needed encouragement and I’m happy it came along when it did.

You can find Gmorning, Gnight on Amazon.

I received a copy of this book from Random House for free in exchange for an honest review. My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the author.

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