Contact and Review Policy

If you’ve made it to my Contact page, then you’re probably here to ask if I can read your book in exchange for review. While I would love to read your books for review, I’m afraid my full time job and other adult responsibilities keeps me from doing that. So, I do have some policies around the books I choose to read.

Please note that I’m not currently accepting any books for review at this time. My schedule is very tight and I can only read so many books in a month.

Reading Preferences

Before I go into my reading preferences, I want to note that I reserve the right to not accept books I’m not interested in reading or don’t have the time to read. I also reserve the right not to post or review the book.

There are so many genres in this world that my policy has always been to read the genres you love. There are some days where I’ll stretch myself and try something new, but for the most part, I read fantasy, science fiction, and the occasional romance.

I mainly focus on reading adult fiction in these genres, but I will occasionally accept a YA story. Books written by POC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized voices are prioritized.

I tend to lean more on physical books rather than ebooks, so I can take photos for my Instagram account and other promotional materials. Every book I review will be posted on my Instagram, blog, and Goodreads with my honest and unbiased thoughts.

Rating Books

If I don’t like a book or feel myself writing a negative review in my head while I’m reading, I will DNF. I do not waste my time with books that I’m not enjoying and for the sake of the author, I don’t write negative reviews. The books represented on my page have only received 3 stars or above. I may be critical in my reviews for high-rated books, but I will never bad mouth a story that didn’t work for me. Reading is a very subjective experience and I know that others may read a book I don’t like and think differently.

That being said, here’s my rating scores:

3 stars: Your book is good! I enjoyed reading it and find a lot of merit in the story. It wasn’t bad, but it could definitely use some work.

4 stars: I loved your book! There were so many elements to your story that really pulled me in, made me think, and brought out my emotions. While it wasn’t perfect, it was still a great read and worth it.

5 stars: You blew me away! This is a book I’m going to be adding to my favorites shelf. I will come back to this book and read it again over the years and revisit the world and characters you’ve created. I will tell everyone to read this book as well.

If you’re still interested in reaching out, then please use the contact form below or email me at simone likes books at gmail dot com. Requests via my Goodreads page or in my comments or DMs on bookstagram will not be considered.