Five Bookish Businesses to Shop for Your Bookish Friends

Do you have that one bookish friend you’re not sure what to buy? Do you want to get them books because they love them, but don’t know what books to get? Or are you  yourself a bookish person who yeah, has some friends who love books too but don’t make a big deal about it?

If this is your case, then might I suggest a few non-bookish items that will definitely wow your bookish friends without having to buy them another book!

Bookish folks are obsessed. They love books and they’re not afraid to show it in their ephemera. So here are a few small businesses working overtime this holiday season to bring bookish gifts that aren’t a literal book (and double points for shopping small instead of going to Amazon).

Out of Print

Out of Print was a small company that printed vintage book covers on t-shirts who  Since then, they’ve expanded their brand to slogans and books including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and A Handmaid’s Tale. With every purchase, you can also help donate books and support literacy programs around the world!

The designs are colorful and bright and most definitely the first stop you need to make when shopping for your bookish friend. They sell everything from t-shirts to tote bags, mugs, enamel pins, and socks. I’ll have to admit, their sock collection is kind of envious (and I don’t even like socks).

What I recommend:

Obvious State

I found Obvious State on Etsy years ago where they sold unique graphic prints attached to a vintage literary quote. Years later, Obvious State is still creating beautiful prints, but also making postcards, calendars, mugs, notebooks, and tote bags. Their designs are unique, use very little color, but pack a punch.

If your book lover needs a few more prints to decorate their library or if you’re looking for something a little more “classic,” then Obvious State might have exactly what you’re looking for. They’re also always looing

What I recommend:

Burnt Edge Studio

I got the opportunity to work with Burnt Edge Studio this year who makes brilliant wood bookmarks featuring bookshelves and stacks of books. You can purchase one of their pre-made bookmarks featuring classic books and genres or you can customize your bookmark to include some of your favorite books.

While they’re known for their bookmarks, the company also makes keychains, magnets, and notebooks. And if you’re really worried about your gift, you can always sign your bookish friend up for their Bookmark of the Month Club, which I’ll be looking into as well because that sounds amazing!

What I recommend:

Bookshelf Tees

There’s nothing a book lover loves more than to shout from the rooftops that they love to read. With that, I love companies like Bookshelf Tees who makes t-shirts that says it all. I’ve purchased from these folks before and let me tell you that their t-shirts are comfortable, well-worn, and good all 365 days of the year. My personal favorites are the What Would Kathleen Kelly Do? and Read a Book t-shirts.

However, I get you might want to get something else, so here’s what I recommend:

Literary Emporium

For the folks who live in the UK and Europe, I wanted to also include an international (to me) brand like Literary Emporium. Similar to Out of Print, Literary Emporium prints t-shirts, notebooks, enamel pins, tote bags, and gift sets. I’ve never purchased a gift set from here, but I have bought t-shirts to support them.

While this company does work hard to make some beautiful items, keep in mind that they will be shipping from the UK. If you’re looking for a gift ASAP and Literary Emporium is more of your friend’s vibe, then I might suggest one of their gift cards.

But if you have the time, here’s what I recommend:

What will you be buying this holiday season for your bookish friends or yourself?

All photos found on brand’s website and taken by those companies. Simone and Her Books isn’t affiliated with any brands mentioned.

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