Weekend Wrap-up // April 12, 2019

Happy Friday! I heard this new song from Drax Project and Hailee Steinfeld, but I think this music video is life goals for me. I always imagine myself dancing down the street (sometimes more than just dreaming) and it feels exactly like this. I hope this new little bop gets you going and dancing down the street.

I’ll be heading to the LA Festival of Books tomorrow, which is my first time. I’m so excited about this and seeing my bookish friends and just hanging out. I do have my eyes on a few books, so I’ll pick those up if I see them. Mostly, I’m just there to see my friends and spend some time with bookish folks. If you’re in the LA area, make sure to take a mosey to the USC campus and hang with us!

I also received my first assignment as a book reviewer and it’s got to be the weirdest book I’ve ever read. However, I think I’ll need to get used to books like this one with my new job. Of course I’ll update you with what this experience has been next week. Let’s get to the rest of the week:

Links I Loved

This week felt like a big week of firsts. If you’re into science and space, then it was definitely a good week for you. My husband was overjoyed with everything from a successful space launch to the eye of Sauron floating in space.

  • First off, The Lion King trailer! When I was watching it, I was shocked how exact the shots were to the animated movie. I loved the realistic look of all the animals and even more, Timon and Pumba at the end of the trailer. I hope you enjoy that!
  • Everyone was talking about the first images of a black hole ever. Of course the first thing people thought of was the Eye of Sauron, because it legit looks like it. But the truth of it is that we’re seeing a black hole (one of the biggest mysteries of the universe) on camera. It’s like seeing a super private celebrity pop out of their house holding hands with someone you know they’re not regularly dating. It’s legit big, big news!

Blog posts from this week

This week, I updated y’all with my life for the next few weeks. I’m excited about reading and getting as much done as possible before I hit summer and reading only backlisted novels. Of course, there will be other books I’ll have to read for work, but most of the books I’ll read are ones I already own. It’s going to be an exciting time.

What I’m Reading This Weekend

Today I’ll be finishing The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz. I can already tell this will be an amazing book with so much intrigue and mystery. I’m honestly shook and I want to read everything by Tiffany Reisz. I’m also taking this book as a sign of my love of gothic novels. Is it because they’re like mini soap operas? Maybe.

It’s probably been too long since I’ve read a male author. I mean, I think the last time I read something by a guy was February and that was Marlon James’s Black Leopard, Red Wolf. However, Steven Rowley is a totally different writer. I have a feeling The Editor will entertain me until the very end.

Here’s what I’m reading this weekend:

How’s your weekend been?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up // April 12, 2019

  1. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you finish The Bourbon Thief! You should read The Night Mark next. And then if you want to delve into her erotic romance, the Original Sinners series is AMAZING. Start with The Siren!


    1. Leigh, you’re literally in my head! I was going to read The Night Mark next and I was thinking about grabbing The Siren for some erotic romance (since I’ve never read that before!)

      Liked by 1 person

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