Book Review Round-Up

Happy Monday, everyone!

I know that Mondays are always a pretty annoying day of the week. However, it may make it a little bit enjoyable knowing that I’ve reviewed some books. Right?!

If you know what I’ve read on bookstagram, then you must know there are reviews for these books waiting on Goodreads to review.

Here’s what I’ve read recently and reviewed up on Goodreads:

You by Caroline Kepnes

This is the story of a young guy named Joe who obsessively starts stalking a woman named Beck. He believes that they would be a beautiful couple together, but Beck doesn’t know it yet. And Joe does everything in his power to make sure that their relationship is perfect and flawless and unforced. Sadly, everything is forced for Joe as he stalks her, hacks her email, imitates her friends online, and even kills people.

I wasn’t that impressed by this book. However, it wasn’t terrible. I actually did read the entire book at the end, so that has to count for something. But there were a few themes that I didn’t like and skewed my thoughts on this book. Check them out.

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Misery by Stephen King

Misery is actually the name of a character written by Paul Sheldon, one of the main characters of this book. He was kidnapped by Annie Wilkes, a huge fan of Paul Sheldon’s who happened to find him passed out in his car. When Annie takes him home, she decides that he needs to right some wrongs in his writing and forces him to write a new book starring the lovely Misery.

I don’t think I could have been freaked out enough with my first Stephen King novel. Seriously, I read this book in a day and had my face in a pillow for most of it. I had to even take a walk around the block afterward just to clear my head of the kind of person Annie Wilkes turned out to be. Shuttering.

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Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

This is a collaborative book written by two authors about the apocalypse. It follows Aziraphale and Crowly (an angel and a demon respectfully) who are trying to keep the end of  days from happening because they’ve become accustomed to life on Earth.

The book is really interesting and I can’t wait to see how this plays out on the TV show. I loved how all the details of the book kind of come together at the end. The first half is to introduce all the characters and what they will be doing and the other half is the actual end of time. However, the writing was a little bit extra. Granted I don’t think this will be an issue on the show (since most of what was described can be very masterly done on screen), but in terms of a book it wasn’t jiving with me.


6 thoughts on “Book Review Round-Up

  1. Oh Lord – will you ever get that scene of Annie beating Paul’s ankles with a hammer out of your head?! It’s been decades since I read it and I’ll never forget it!


    1. OMG! No! The scary anticipation was got me. Like watching her yammer on about how he can’t get away and then taking the axe to his foot! SMH!


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