Life Update: I’m going to Korea!

Hey folks!

So in the next few weeks, you might not see a lot of updating here re: books. If anything, you’ll see me wandering the streets of Seoul as I head to Korea for two weeks. A friend of my sister’s is getting married and I got to join them on the trip. I’m so excited! I’ve never been to Korea and it’s finally time for this Korean girl to get back to her roots.

I’ll try to post on my regularly scheduled times (Mon, Wed, Fri, if you weren’t aware) and of course I’ll be reading, so I’ll be updating with book thoughts throughout.

If you’re really interested in seeing what I’m up to while I’m in Korea, follow me on Instagram and Twitter! I’m sure I’ll be writing so much more about my trip there. I hope you don’t mind a few blog posts about what I see and do.

Take care!


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