BookCon 2018 Recap

BookCon 2018 Recap

So over the weekend I went to my third (and probably final) BookCon. For those who aren't aware, BookCon is a yearly convention for book readers to go and meet their favorite authors, find some new great reads, and even find some new bookish friends. In the past, my BookCon trips have been all about [...]

Bookstore Tour – Hoehyeon Underground Market Bookstore

While on my travels in Korea, I wanted to spend some time checking out the local bookstores. Sadly, I didn't check out any (blame it on the jetlag and laziness), but while walking through the city's underground shopping centers, I came across a little bookstore crammed floor to ceiling with books. I could barely fit [...]

A Journey

I've spent the last few days traveling from New York to Orlando. It's been a train and a drive kind of journey and it always reminds me of how people used to travel in horse-drawn carriages. You'll get there eventually, so you just have to enjoy the scenery as you slowly make your way through [...]