3 Reasons for Rereading Books

Over the years, I’ve reread maybe three books? I’m not a huge rereader and not because I don’t want to be. I definitely want to get into the stories I’ve loved and cherished, but for some reason, I never make time for them.

This year, I made it one of my goals to actually reread books. While most of my rereading this year will be series I’ve started and didn’t finish and plan on finishing this year finally. However, I also wanted to revisit some books I’ve loved and find the comfort so many other readers find when they reread their favorite books.

And surprisingly, I love it. I’m only in my first reread of the year, Middlegame by Seanan McGuire, and it is everything I’ve wanted it to be. I was kind of scared because based on the poll I conducted on my Instagram account, many folks have reread books only to enjoy it less. LESS! I didn’t think I would be risking my love of a book by revisiting it and seeing if it’s just as I remember.

Luckily, it’s just as I remember and I’ve learned a lot from my rereading process. Here’s what I’ve taken away:

It’s faster to reread the book

I somehow found that my reread of Middlegame has been much faster than the first time around. Perhaps it’s because the book is a bit more complicated and confusing that after realizing what happens at the end, then the process becomes a bit easier. But for some reason, I’m breezing through this book. Maybe it’s because I know what’s happening or the words are so comfortingly familiar that it’s like watching an old movie I loved or a TV show I put on in the background for entertainment.

Either way, I find myself reading much faster through the book.

I’m finding things I didn’t see before

This is my favorite part of the rereading process now. I’m finding things I somehow missed in the first read through and just loving the discoveries I didn’t see before. It’s almost like the small details are brighter and more easy to find. For example, I find that Middlegame is way more feminist and inclusive than I remember it being. I resonate with the story a bit more because of that and it also opens my eyes to other possible things I might have missed. I honestly want to take a pen to my book, underline the quotes that I didn’t see before, and make notes in the margins just so that I can remember these discoveries.

It’s so comforting

I think the biggest lesson I learned from my reread is that this book is so comforting. The words feel like I’m speaking with an old friend, and I just want to sit around all day reading its pages and making me laugh. I didn’t realize the comfort aspect would be so big for me. I’m not usually the type of person to find comfort in a book, but I’m realizing now that it’s the comfort of the words and hearing them again that make it so sensational.

What are some other ways you love rereading?

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons for Rereading Books

  1. So agree – with all three of your reasons. I never reread books much before covid. But the last 2 years reread Anne Bishops’s The Other series each year. Comfort for sure.


  2. Oh yes! And I have found myself resonate to a book differently on rereading after a good interval, perhaps, because of life and experiences since first reading it.
    And love the post, I can absolutely relate.


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