6 Journaling Tips When You’re Feeling Uninspired to Write

Writer’s block happens to the worst of us and journaling has the same energy as writing. On good days, you can write ten pages of thoughts. On bad days, you can barely put together your to dos. To keep a consistent habit of journaling, you need to be writing everyday. But the catch-22 is that when you’re not feeling like writing or uninspired to write about things, then your journal will be a bare place.

The last thing you want to do is force something out. It reminds me of that moment in Sex and the City when Carrie just wrote about socks. It’s an unpleasantness, but you can most definitely find inspiration in the moments when you feel like there’s none.

This post is inspired by a friend who was working through a writing slump. I know those feelings way too often, so I’ve kept a handful of ways to beat those journaling blues when they come up. As a kid, I used to fill my pages with tons of random things. From crappy poetry to what teacher was bugging me at the time, my journal was a place to be creative. I would write in different colored pens or work on my hand-lettering. I’m still really bad at hand-lettering, but journal pages are like practice for me. I probably only break it out for my holiday cards, but it makes my pages feel fun and it takes up a lot of space.

But if you’re looking for more tips on what to do when you’re stumped, check out these great options:

  1. Find quotes that speak to what you’re feeling: decorate your page with fancy lettering and the quotes of a favorite song, from your favorite book, or even google a quote that resonates with you at that moment
  2. List your favorites of something. What are your top 10 favorite ice cream flavors? What are some of your favorite activities to do outside?
  3. Talk about your TV or media consumption. What’s a show you’re really into lately? What are the components you enjoy about it?
  4. Find yourself some writing prompts online. This world has so many great writers that share writing prompts. Pinterest has a ton!
  5. Share your recipes, knitting projects, grocery finds, or hobbies with your journal! You can even keep notes on your projects in your journal
  6. Paste in ticket stubs, your favorite brand of tea, or receipts from the bookstore. Junk journaling is super popular to keep your mementos

Remember that your journaling is for you and no one else. The pages don’t need to be the most profound writing and it could be as silly as your new favorite cocktail for happy hour. Make your journal yours!

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