My June 2021 Possibilities

Happy June, everyone! I’m so glad that it’s finally summer and getting to read some great books. Before I begin, I wanted to mention that this summer will be different as I’m transitioning away from blogging full time to blogging for a hobby. I’ll still be here sharing book reviews, book lists, and fun bookish things, but not as often as I was doing.

Also, since I’m transitioning to a new full time job, my reading life is definitely going to slow down. It took me a second to be okay with the transition, but I think I’m finally at a good spot and happy to still have reading in my life. This time, I’m moving away from all the new releases and keeping up to speed with what’s coming out. It’s been fun, but there’s never been an obligation for me to read and review these books. Instead, I want to read what I want. It’s about quality over quantity for me now and I feel like I’ll much prefer my reading life this way. Of course there will always be books I’m reading to read and review, but since I’m not going to have the luxury of reading all day, I want to be selective and read the books I want to read.

Granted, it’ll always be tough to do because there’s so many books that pop up that I’m excited to read and check out. But the one thing I’ve learned in my life about my reading is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Reading books is about getting into a story and finding yourself lost in a new world or exploring the real world through a different lens. Why rush the process of full immersion?

So new month, new me. Let’s hopefully get some reading done:

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