My May 2021 Possibilities

Hello and hi and welcome to another month on the glorious Earth! May is going to be a doozy with all the great books being released this year. I think there’s huge titles publishing for almost every genre, so this summer is going to be filled with so many great books to read. I’m salivating with anticipation!

Aside from the great books that are publishing this month, it’s also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This May, I’m celebrating Asian and Asian American authors the best way I know how: reading them and showcasing them. I’ll be sharing some great books that I’ve loved, some new-to-me authors you should check out, and the books I’ll be reading. It’ll be a great month of reads and I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll also be sharing what I’m reading ahead of the Hugo Awards. Yep! I’m doing it again this year. This time, I’m giving myself a bit more leeway since the award ceremony’s been postponed until December. I’ll share more details of that in the future.

For now, let’s see what I’m getting into this month:

2 thoughts on “My May 2021 Possibilities

  1. The Road Trip sounds like a wonderful read! Beth O’Leary hasn’t disappointed me yet, so I have high hopes for that one. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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