“Heart to Heart” Crocheted Bookmark

This Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day, I was working on a little gift for my friends and wanted to make a little something handmade for them. While thinking about what to make, I grabbed a few balls of leftover yarn in various shades of red, picked up my crochet hook, and tried to make some crocheted hearts.

I looked around for a crocheted heart pattern. When I came across the one by The Painted Hinge, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It has some super easy steps and these hearts can easily be used in a garland or as a fun addition to a crocheted shawl or blanket pattern. I could even see these used for a baby mobile! All credit to The Painted Hinge for creating the pattern and sparking my imagination!

I first started out with the plan to make a garland to go around my bookshelf, but I realized I didn’t have enough yarn to make several hearts in various colors. So instead, I decided to make them into little bookmarks. How else can you celebrate the love for your current read? For connecting the hearts, I just did a simple crocheted chain for about 50 stitches and then sewed the pieces together. I will admit, the backs of these little hearts aren’t the prettiest.

But I absolutely love the way these came out! I pressed the bookmarks between the pages of the book to flatten them out a bit and I’m just smitten!

I do want to mention that I’m not the best crocheter in the world. I’m not a professional at all with the hobbies I do; I just do them because I love to do them and create beautiful little pieces I can adore for years. But, I thought these would be great gifts for my girlfriends this Galentine’s Day and perhaps friends in the future.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I loved doing it!

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