My October 2020 Hopefuls

October arrives with a lot going on. And I mean A LOT! I wanted to hold off a bit on sharing my TBR for the month because I had so many other announcements and content to share! But now that the dust has settled, let’s get into the books I’ll be reading all through October.

There’s a few different things I kept in mind while putting together my TBR this month. I think the first and foremost is that it’s October which means Halloween is at the end of the month. I’m not a huge celebrator of the holiday, but I do like to do a few things here and there just to set myself in the mood for the season.

Next, I also wanted to read some books by Latinx authors for Latinx Heritage Month. There were a couple of sci-fi and fantasy books that I recently picked up that I thought would be a great way to celebrate some great books and add more of my favorite genres to the mix.

I also launched my book club via Patreon! We’ve already picked our first book and I’ll need to read that one for the discussion at the end of the month. If you want to check out the book club, you can check them out here.

Finally, my #FallForFantasy challenge. I’m reading five of the books from my 15-book list this month, so there’s also making room for that in here. As I mentioned before, most of these are backlist titles that I’ve been wanting to read for years. It’s finally time to de-stash my unread books and get up to speed with what other folks really loved.

Ok, before I share my hopefuls, I need to emphasize that this is a mega list. There’s probably more books than I can manage in a month and this doesn’t include the audiobooks I borrowed from the library and I’m patiently waiting for. However, audiobooks have really been helping me with my reading life lately, so I added a bunch of audiobooks. I also tend to read more on an audiobook. It’s not necessarily faster, but being able to keep the book going while I do stuff around the house or knit has really changed my reading life.

Here’s What I’ll Be Reading

6 thoughts on “My October 2020 Hopefuls

  1. Nice books! I’ve only read Illuminae and Cemetery Boys, but I really want to read lots of these like When Nobody Was Watching and A Deadly Education.


  2. I must read Cemetery Boys soon. I keep saying that but I’m going to head over and buy a book so at least it’ll be sitting here looking at me, waiting!


    1. I love that its a list of hopefuls. I preordered Ring Shout, so that’s a definite hopeful for me after I finish Cemetary Boys.


  3. Good luck on your reading list (you can do it!). Also stoked to hear you have a book club on Patreon! I will definitely check it out. Are you getting a lot of members? I would have to say that I am definitely into hard science fiction (not straying!) …. BUT – I love sci-fi that presents classic tropes in a contemporary way and this is becoming harder and harder to find. I know you have an overwhelming list already but perhaps this could be added onto November or December (you have to check it out!)..The book is “The Code: If your AI loses its mind, can it take meds?” by Peter McAllister ( Not only is the title fantastic, but the book was the surprise read of the year for me. The premise revolves around a mining operation led by an AI on the moon, who develops schizophrenia and goes rogue. Because of this Liam (the engineer in charge) and his team have to take an unscheduled trip to the moon to put a stop to this AI. It feels really well thought out and although the themes are futuristic, it is not hard to believe that this could actually happen due to the writing style of this author. It is full of edge of your seat suspense, moments of levity and lots of thoughtfulness. Definitely a must read!


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