My September 2020 Hopefuls

Happy September! First, let’s get it out of the way: I can’t believe it’s already September. I feel like we all went into quarantine a month ago and not six months ago. I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect my mental health or my reading life. Each month has been different with its very own ups and downs. Last month, it definitely affected me. This month, I’ve decided to change the way I put these TBRs together.

While I can only read eight books a month, I continue to challenge my reading habits and try and read more. August was tough especially with my mental health waxing and waning with the moon. But a new month is a new opportunity for me to do better, so September, I wanted to continue having some big TBRs.

So this month, I’m going a little bit more aggressive with my TBR including two 800+ page novels. However, I want to change the name from TBR to “Hopefuls.” Because let’s be honest, all my books are to be read. I feel like I read eight books a month only to receive 20 more books next month. Maybe if I give up sleep then I’ll be able to read them all.

Usually I’m scrambling a day or two before the beginning of the new month to figure out what I want to read. I haven’t figured out the process yet, but I feel like I’m getting it down. Maybe I’ll share those insights and share them with you all.

For September, my main focus is to read what I have on Netgalley. I’m quite behind on my reviews (I mean, who isn’t), but there’s going to be concerted effort to really get these books read and reviewed. I also want to read some new books I’ve received as well as start some books that have been out forever and have sequels coming up in the next few months.

5 thoughts on “My September 2020 Hopefuls

  1. I seriously need to get A Reaper at the Gates on next month’s TBR. Also, I feel you with the mental health and lockdown/quarantine. I’ve definitely had ups and downs. Strangely, I found it easier at the beginning when everything was just shut down and there wasn’t any choice in anything, really. Since things have started to open up, I’ve found it harder to cope with. I’m just hoping with everything I have it all ends soon. 😦


  2. Oh you have some pretty cools reads on your way! My personal favorite is Black Sun ❤
    The characters there and the prose is sooo good! Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I do!


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