August 2020 Wrap Up

I can’t believe August is already over. It’s kind of interesting that time moves so quickly when you’re stuck at home. I really do miss going out to cafes or the library and sitting for hours while reading a book and enjoying the people watching. I think I miss people watching the most.

While I did read a lot, I think my mental health is starting to take its toll. I read some great books, but my reading life felt mechanical. Almost as if I’m just doing it because I have to rather than having a love for books, if that makes sense. Obligation really turns any hobby into a chore, but I’m hoping September will be kinder to me especially with the dozen amazing fantasy novels I’ll be reading. But it’s been a productive month with 11 books read: nine books and two graphic novels. Here’s the breakdown:

Books I Recommend

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

This was my second book by TJ Klune and I think it really cemented my love for him and his work. He has this way of bringing you into this story, making his characters feel real to life (despite their magical aesthetics), and the little romance within the book is utterly charming and sweet. I highly recommend if you’ve ever been called a “weirdo” or a “freak” because of who you are. Because this book will teach you to love yourself and accept others as they are.

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

If you’ve read Gideon the Ninth, then I highly recommend its sequel. It was a zany novel that really confused the heck out of me, but I feel my greatest takeaway was to really trust your author. It was a super wild ride and quite entertaining while you take it, but I will warn you now that you’ll be so confused it’ll make your head spin. It’s possibly the only novel that really made me nervous all the way until the end. I’m glad I read it and I can’t wait for the last one. Hopefully this last book will be a little kinder to its readers.

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

This is the book in the series that will destroy you. OMG, I didn’t have a clear understanding of Sabaa’s writing style until I read this one. Ooph, this is now one of my favorite series and I have two more books to go! This one definitely cemented the lives of the characters in her An Ember in the Ashes series, but it will break your heart over and over again. Sheesh, people weren’t wrong when they said Sabaa was brutal.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Somehow, I snuck this final book into August and I absolutely loved it. It was also the second novel I read this month featuring British characters and a fake relationship. Perhaps I’m really into the fake relationship trope? I haven’t had a chance to write this review yet, but I will in the next couple of days. But truly, this book put a giant smile on my face, made me blush super hard, and the tenderness of Zaf and Dani is most definitely goals.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

If you need a little break from reading heavy tomes or if you’re in the middle of a massive slump, this is the book to get you out of that mindset. It’s witty and super laughable (I laughed out loud a lot and there’s some great one liners). It’s also super tender and sweet as a fake relationship turns into real love.

Honorable Mentions

My honorable mentions this month are also just as great as the books I read above. I want to mention this because I don’t want folks to think because they’re in this category that they were bad. Trust me, if a book was bad or I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be adding it to this list. These were all great, but had something or another within it that made me pause from wholeheartedly loving them.

That’s my opinion, though. If any of these books are on your TBR or up your alley, you should most definitely read them. I share my full thoughts on these books throughout the month on my blog.

6 thoughts on “August 2020 Wrap Up

  1. I read A Torch Against the Night last year and I really really need to carry on with that series. And The House in the Cerulean Sea sounds really interesting. I most definitely identify as a bit weird. 🙂


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