Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey // Book Review

I heard somewhere that Tessa Bailey is the Queen of Dirty Talk. Going into this contemporary romance with that in your head sets you up for a lot and even with my high expectations, I didn’t expect to be blown away.

39854434Fix Her Up is about Georgie; the youngest sibling in her family. She’s never taken seriously and it doesn’t help that she’s a professional birthday clown. Travis was a professional baseball player with a penchant for bedding as many women as he could. They call him “two bats” for a reason. Georgie’s family and Travis have gone back a long time helping him out whenever his parents were too busy to take care of him. When Travis returns to his childhood home on Long Island, he’s basically at the end of his rope until Georgie comes along and straightens him out. Then Travis receives a lifetime offer he can’t refuse, but the only condition is that he change his bad boy ways. He and Georgie agree to be in a fake relationship for the paparazzi cameras hoping to change his image and also change his heart.

Soon starts the romantic journey of a young clown finding herself growing up and a playboy baseball player who realizes there’s a few people in this world that care about him.

I swooned so hard at this book. I absolutely loved Georgie. She’s the kind of spunky yet serious character I love. Her lines were unique and different from what I’ve read of other romantic leads. I absolutely loved that she’s well versed in her own sexuality even though she hasn’t experienced everything you can experience as a sexually active human. I also loved Travis’s story. Despite it being heart-breaking, it felt real and a real mental challenge for a dude who never took his career seriously. I don’t want to give too much away, but I felt kind of bad for him.

The steaminess level in this book is moderately high. While I thought the first sex scene was a little steamy, the second one was twice as hardcore. There is a lot of dirty talk, but I was expecting something more demeaning and irksome, but once I read it, I thought it felt natural? Perhaps like something we’ve all said in bed? I don’t know. I blushed for sure.

In the back of my mind, I really should hate a story about a girl who’s able to change a guy. It’s that weird Florence Nightingale quality that keeps me from loving it, but I still really liked it a lot. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending and found it to be a little trope-y, but overall a great story with some very steamy scenes.

One thought on “Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey // Book Review

  1. How cute does this sound? I love the idea of a fake relationship and her straightening him out! Brilliant review! xo


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