My Dream Library

The other day, my friend Emma and I were on our way to Ojai county and we got to talking. I posed the question “if you were gifted a billion dollars tomorrow, what would you do with it?” It was a good question to ask for a long car ride and Emma definitely had some great ideas. I had my own as well, but the one we both agreed on is having an amazing library.

I kept thinking about it and the dream library is something many book lovers want. Many people already have their dream library in their own home, while others like me are still just dreaming.

When I think about my library, the main components are ease, comfort, and relaxation. I want a room surrounded by books with lots of good light and maybe even some music quietly playing in the corner. Here’s my requirements for a wonderful library:

A coffee maker and hot water maker

My biggest accompaniments with books is tea or coffee. I love a warm drink while I’m reading and I need to have a coffee maker or a hot water maker in the room. I wouldn’t have a lot of food in my room (maybe some hidden snacks in fake books), but drinks are most definitely important. I would love a little tea set or a french press for making coffee. I don’t want anything too complicated or make too much of a mess, but I would love to remove that extra step going to the kitchen and getting more.

Cushy chairs and a couch

Not only would I want a cushy chair, but I want a full on couch. I basically want my library to be a second living room, but maybe without a TV. I want plants and I want a big couch that I can take naps on and read on and just live on. Cushy chairs and comfy couches are super important to anyone who sits on their butt all day and reads.

Bookish wall hangings

I think one of the most special things I want to do for my library is have some beautiful wall hangings. Either it’s posters of some of my favorite stories, or even a framed picture of my favorite indie bookstore bookmarks. I would love my wall hangings to be memories and souvenirs I’ve picked up while I’ve gone to different bookstores. I might even have a shelf just for my souvenir cups and mugs.


Well, of course there needs to be bookcases and shelves in a library. For my shelves, I actually don’t like tall cases. I think it’s because I can’t see what’s on the top shelf and I love decorating the top of my cases with fun little tidbits. I love Funko dolls, little statues, and anything that makes the room feel a little more lived in. I like shelves that aren’t taller than me because then there’s room to fit pieces on the walls. I would probably also do some floating shelves of books or even for plants and other finds.

A big old window

I’m not a fan of window seats because they’re mostly uncomfortable for me. I’d much prefer sitting in a nice chair or a comfy couch to read. However, I absolutely love the big window with tons of light. Reading light is always important and while I would have some floor lamps and some overhead lighting, I would love to have big windows to let the light in and make it fun to read during the day.

What would be in your dream library?

11 thoughts on “My Dream Library

  1. You have it all well thought out! Love the idea. As it is I have thousands of books but not enough room to put them all on bookshelves – I have a number of bookshelves filled with books but most of my books are boxed up -filling up my basement. To have them all in one or two big rooms all shelved and together- sorted out by subjects etc.. would be a dream!!

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  2. The snacks in fake books is a marvelous idea. You should do it now. I think I will. Haha. My dream library would be just a big airy room with lots of windows, the bookshelves, a chandelier and a fireplace….

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  3. This sounds like such a dream library! Sometimes I just think about the library at the Beast’s castle and sigh wistfully. Someday.

    My dream library would pretty similar, except TONS OF PLANTS. Plants everywhere, but especially pothos plants so they can just vine out everywhere.


  4. Love this list and the fact that you spent so much time dreaming it up. You definitely hit on some important “musts” for my dream library: cushy chairs/couch, hot water/coffee maker and lots of natural light. I’d also definitely include a big fireplace like Jane mentioned, as well as fuzzy blankets, plants, and some hidden speakers to pipe in the sound of thunderstorms. 🙂


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