Weekend Wrap Up // April 26, 2019

Of course my jam of the weekend will be It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC. I mean it’s going to be MAY! OMG, I can finally post this song because it’s the final weekend of April before May rolls around. Who else is ready for May?

Links I Love

There’s a 25infive readathon happening this weekend. The readathon started yesterday, but there’s still time to participate. But also, the rules aren’t hard and fast here so committing to one hour of reading for the readathon is completely acceptable!

Cici at @cicivford shared this lovely article regarding sharing your goals. I related with the article so hard especially with bookstagram and my blog. I feel like I share too many “goals” as half-baked ideas barely formed in my mind. I want to break that habit especially since I’m trying to be authentic and transparent with you all. Cici did mention that this doesn’t specifically pertain to social media, but anything you do in your life. So if you’re the kind of person to make big plans but find it difficult to deliver on them, check out this article! Sharing doesn’t make you accountable in every instance.

This weekend is also Indie Bookstore Day! Make sure to get out to your local independently run bookstore and support them by buying a book or two. As I grow in learning about books and book publishing, I realize how important it is to keep independent bookstores open. They are the ones bringing authors into your town, creating fun programming to your community, and straight up celebrating books. You can’t get that kind of experience at Amazon.

Blog Posts This Week

This week has been pretty exhausting for me, so I haven’t really sat and written anything. Honestly, my reading life has been taking over and I much rather want to read books and just mark them as finished. Alas, I promise my thoughts for books and I’ll be happy to deliver.

I didn’t write much this week, but I did get my thoughts on The Bride Test down. Definitely check that one out because it was such a great read and it’s publishing soon!

Books I’m Reading

While I have a nice stack of books waiting for me to read, I don’t know if I’ll be completely participating. If you didn’t know, a readathon is uninterrupted reading time usually challenging yourself to read for hours at a time over a weekend. This particular weekend will be a classic challenge of reading for 25 hours over 5 days. That’s about a 5-hour commitment starting yesterday through Sunday. You can find more details above.

But if I do read, I will probably start from this list:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’ll probably start with The Unhoneymooners and see where the weekend goes from there. I will most definitely start The Poppy War by Monday as I’m assigned its second novel The Dragon Republic for review. I can’t wait to dive into that one since it’s gotten high praise as an amazing high fantasy novel.

But I also have a book club meeting in a few weeks and our pick is The Death of Mrs. Westaway. And With the Fire on High sounds so good too! I also can’t resist a book about books with The Editor. So many choices!

What do you plan on reading this weekend?

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