Mid-Month Checkin – March 2019

Happy Monday! I decided Monday was a good day to launch into a mid-month checkin. I’ve been in this state currently where I’m so content just reading. I want to pick up book after book after book without the wait of analyzing and criticizing what I just read. I have notes in my notebook, but I just can’t get in front of the computer and write my thoughts.

So I have a lot of books I read, but I haven’t shared any thoughts. They’re coming soon!

In other news, I had completely different plans for my March reading. I was going to catch up on reading The Throne of Glass series, but somehow that’s not going to work out this month. There’s still time, but I figured I would spend all of March reading Throne of Glass. I’ll be lucky if I finish the month with one.

Like I predicted, March is turning out to be a better reading month than I anticipated. I think it’s because I’m working to organize my work and daily errands and making more time to read. This week wasn’t a good week for that, but that’s okay. I got a lot more work done for the blog, and considered some other bigger content pieces for the future. Let’s hope I can get to that promise. Here’s what I read so far this month:

As you can see I was on a little Leigh Bardugo kick this month as I tried to reread The Grisha Series to prep for King of Scars. I don’t regret making this decision, but that took a considerable amount of time I didn’t budget for. It’s okay because it made me a huge fan of the series and I absolutely adored King of Scars.

After reading that whole fantasy series, I needed a little break. I was going to try and read the surfing memoir Barbarian Days, but my brain was too tired from taking in that giant universe. So I decided to read some romance ARCs I recently received from Netgalley. Both of these books were super cute. If you like romcoms especially ones starring Tom Hanks, then you’ll like this one. I wish there was a bigger variety of romcoms (since I’m a huge romcom fan myself), but I was okay with the Tom Hanks references.

The rest of the month is dedicated to:

I have about three more books to read for various book clubs in my life. All the books for this month are a little bit heavier, so I’m going to be focusing my time to read these this week.

Next week, I would love to start the plan I had for March and read more Sarah J Maas. I feel like at this point I’m just trying to get through this series so I can say I finally read it. It’s taking forever to finish this series, but I definitely want to finish it soon. I’d like to focus the rest of my year to the other fantasy series I’ve got on my list.

How’s your month going?


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