New Pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise

I’m such a nerd. I’m the kind of nerd who loves to buy pens and pencils and paper that’ll take me my entire life to use. But it makes me happy and I thought I’d share of that on here under my Writing category. I mean, it technically is writing since you use them to put thoughts on paper.

When I was living back in New York, I really wanted to go to the CW Pencil Enterprise in the West Village. I never got to go, but luckily there’s a thing called “shipping” and I was able to stock up on some really crisp pencils for annotating my books.

Before I get into the pencils, I do want to mention that these are all HB grade. What’s being measured here is the hardness and the darkness of the graphite in the pencil. For HB, the pencil will make a hard and dark mark in whatever you’re writing. It’s a good grade for people who are normally writers than artists. It’s also a good grade for annotation.

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In some place amongst the stars is a dream where I can use a red pencil and a black pencil attached to each other so I can make edits in a manuscript. I don’t know if that dream will ever come true, but I can always use a dual pencil for annotating books IN RED. I feel like writing in red is such a taboo thing. The Editor is made to switch off between red and black pencil. It’s great for grading, but for me it’s fun to write in RED.

I’m also a fan of the Blackwing Palomino 602. Blackwing Palomino is considered the Porsche 911 of pencils. The body reads HALF THE PRESSURE, TWICE THE SPEED in bold capitalized letters as if it’s got something to prove.

For the Mitsu-Bishi 9850, the fact that a car company makes pencils is still a truth I’m trying to work through in my brain. I figured it was a coincidence that Mitsubishi is also the name of a pencil making company, but judging by the classic symbol, I doubt that.

The Swiss Wood Caran D’Ache has been my daily driver recently. It’s a beautiful colored wood with a cinnamon-y scent to it. It’s also a dream to write with where the graphite doesn’t lose all power before you finish writing a sentence. I will probably get more of these despite it not having an eraser on the end.



2 thoughts on “New Pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise

  1. So interesting, I did not know about pencils having different HB grades and being better suited for different uses! I suppose as a non-annotator or editor, I don’t really have a need for different types of pencils. I just like office supplies 🙂


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