My Five Winter Favorites

Well, I didn’t think I would get a winter in LA but now I do and I couldn’t be more excited. I think when the temperatures drop we all become creatures of comfort. We stay indoors, keep warm, and treat ourselves to a little winter magic. There are a few traditions I love to keep and I’m sharing my five winter favorites with you all. I hope you enjoy them. What are some of your winter favorites?

Binge watching Little Women

“My sisters and I remember that winter as the coldest of our childhood…” I’m already crying.

I pretty much watch Little Women every winter. A few years ago, my friends and I got together to make some 19th century inspired snacks including Bosc pears with cheese and an apple cake!

It’s not winter until I’ve binged Little Women a few times. I have to see Amy fall into the lake. I have to watch the really awkward kiss scene between Jo and Teddy. I have to watch Jo try to make it as an author in New York only to be turned down because she’s a woman. You have to love Little Women when the snow falls on the ground, the Christmas stockings are hung, and the warmth of the fire keeps you cozy for the night.

Winter Dream tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean is a California staple. I absolutely love coming here vs. going to Starbucks for yummy coffee drinks, but my favorite is the Winter Dream tea. I just had a cup for the first time a few weeks ago and omg, it’s so tasty. It’s spicy and sweet but there isn’t any sugar. It’s herbal so you don’t have to worry about late-night caffeine jitters. It’s the best tea for the cozy winter season. I’ll definitely be getting a few canisters of this one.

Finding adorable holiday cards on Etsy

Etsy is my go-to for holiday cards. There’s so many to choose from and you can get any style you like. I’m partial to the illustrated ones because I can’t resist a cute forest creature wearing a scarf and wishing me a happy holidays. The one I’m highlighting here was my favorite from a couple of years back. I always end up getting some great holiday cards from Etsy and I’m also supporting the indie shop business by buying Etsy every once in a while. This also reminds me that I need to get my holiday cards for this year…

Candles of all shapes and sizes

I really feel like I don’t light candles in my apartment until it’s wintertime. Winter magic comes in candle form and I’m loving all kinds of candles this winter. I’m specifically fond of the candles from PF Candle Co. They’re soy-based, so no carcinogens and they have the best fragrance. I’ve got the spiced pumpkin one going, but they have many other scents you can find.

Lodge Dutch Ovens

When the weather gets colder, I break out my dutch oven and start batch preparing soups and stews. Some of my favorite soups include potato and leek, chicken and rice, butternut squash, carrot and ginger, and the classic tomato bisque. I also love making beef stew, chicken and rice porridge, rice cake soup (it’s a Korean staple), chili, and turkey meatball. I’ll definitely have to share my soup/stew recipes with you all during the season. I absolutely love making all types of stews and soups and my go-to pot for all of that is the Lodge Dutch Oven. This cast-iron and enamel pot can withstand the heat of your oven, big enough for giant vats of warm goodness.

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