Living a Wild Bookish Life

Happy Friday everyone! I’m making a big announcement on my Instagram page today and I thought I’d write a little blog post about what I’m trying to do. I’ll probably end up oversharing because I’m just that kind of person!

If you don’t already know, I’m a bookstagrammer. A bookstagrammer is a person who dedicates their Instagram page to all things books. Mostly, it’s new books and current reads, but what I’m about to announce will change that.


Here’s what I’m announcing: I’ll be incorporating more lifestyle photos into my bookstagram account! Every Friday, I’m going to partake in #FeelGoodFriday where I share a pic that’s not entirely about a book. I’ve gone ahead and created a new hashtag for myself too called #awildbookishlife. This is for me to post these lifestyle photos under my bookstagram account. They’ll all be under the same account, but this handy hashtag is to spread the love for more lifestyle photos from other bookstagrammers as well.

So you must be wondering what a “wild bookish life” is all about. Well, for the most part you’re probably doing it.

If you’re the type of person who is sharing book haul photos and going to the bookstore on your days off. If you’re meeting bookish people in real life and sharing that with your friends on the Internet, then you’re doing it. If your life somehow revolves around books, then you’re living that wild bookish life.

Many people believe that bookstagram and book blogging are reserved for people who just post pictures of books. While books are a main part of the appeal, there are also people who want to share their life with you. Some of those people have tried to push themselves away from the bookstagrammer community. Others have completely changed the subjects of their feed to make that transition easier. How come we can’t do both?

That’s why I’ve decided to create the hashtag #awildbookishlife. This will be a place for bookstagrammers to share their wildly bookish life. Books are a part of who we are and sharing just the books is like only seeing half of your face in the mirror. The other half is how reading and books are a part of our life. Some of us have already been doing this, but for others it’s been tougher to break into.

It may be silly to think that I need to create a hashtag, but the hashtag is just that. It’s just a hashtag symbolic to this new era of being a book blogger. I’m going to be adding some lifestyle posts to my blog and most of it will probably still be about books. I don’t know why I have this need to announce things, but I just don’t want to shock my followers in the future.

Another reason I’m announcing this is because I want you to get involved. If you’re a reader who wishes they can have a day where they don’t post a book, then use this hashtag. Let’s break the walls of bookstagram to invite our lives to our reads. 

Of course, if you don’t want to participate or if you hate me now, that’s totally fine. I know this might alienate the people who follow me for books only, but I will guarantee that it’ll still mostly be about books. I just want to be a part of my bookstagram life too. After all, what’s a book without a reader behind it?



4 thoughts on “Living a Wild Bookish Life

    1. I’ll be adding some more posts here not related to books but very infrequently. I love writing about books first but I also want to talk about me hehehehe

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