Little Reads – May 25, 2018

Little Reads is a weekly blog post dedicated to short stories or essays I find interesting online. They may be older posts or they may have published recently, but you will always find a link to those posts and my opinions here.

Happy Friday! Of course, this is also Memorial Day Weekend for you Americans which is the unofficial start of the summer season. I hope you’re all lounging by your pools or beaches or sprinklers getting that summer started right. I’m going to be making myself a summer corn salad and reading (of course).

Before we get started, check out John Mayer’s new music video “New Light.” Apparently John Mayer and his people couldn’t decide on a budget for his video and he needed to put out a video ASAP. So he went off to one of those video recording booths where you sing a song and stand in front of a green screen. What we get is an amazing display for both your ears and eyes. I hope you enjoy!

“Stepping Out” by David Sedaris

I’ve been talking up David Sedaris a lot lately. Mostly because I recently started his new book CALYPSO (releasing May 28). People keep asking me what’s the best of his books to read. To be honest, I think all of his work is hilarious. However, if you’re new to David Sedaris and you want to know more about his writing style, then I suggest checking out the article above that he wrote for the New Yorker. It’s about his Fitbit. He legitimately writes about trivial things that somehow become much more profound. I honestly find it comic genius.

Neil Gaiman, “American Gods: 10th Anniversary Edition”

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of American Gods. I read this book long before I thought of creating a book blog, so I don’t have any thoughts written down about it. However, I do recall how much I loved the mixing of so many different gods from different countries and how they all happen to live in America.

This article is about the 10th Anniversary audiobook edition. From one fanatic fan to another, I salute your review. I think I’m going to have to take a gander at this one. You know, once I’m not overrun by all my other books to read.

I know that many of us have pretty busy lives and can’t take the time to read books or articles or even treat yourself. But I do hope you enjoy this long weekend with your friends and family. Even if the only treat you’ll give yourself is this music video, I hope that it makes you smirk or laugh or ponder what John Mayer has been doing lately.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


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