My Favorite Snacks While Reading

When it comes to reading, it’s always important to have the essentials by your side. You’ll need some water for hydration and tea or coffee for the hygge effect. Pillows and blankets for warmth (or comfort if you’re me) and candles because why not?

But one thing I always also remember to include is a snack. I’m a huge fan of snacking while reading. I feel like my hands need to shovel my feelings into my mouth while I’m reading through a particularly difficult passage.

However, not all snacks are created equal and if you’re reading a book the one thing you don’t want to do is stain or crumb up your pages with your chocolate mousse or Oreo cookies.

So here’s some of the snacks I prefer to eat (with a lot of photos I found while digging through my photo gallery):



You’ll most definitely see me eating a lot of fruit while I’m reading. Whether it’s grapes or an orange or even apple slices, I’m a huge fan of some fruit instead of some of the more sugary or salty snacks.




I’m throwing these both in the same category since they’re easily made the same way. Egg whites whipped the crap out of them with sugar and then into the oven.

The best part is that they’re small and can be eaten in a few bites. It’s a nice little break to take a bite while in the middle of your reads.



I absolutely love chocolate with reading. And because chocolate is a pretty rich snack, it usually only takes about one or two bites to satiate my snack mood while I read. It’s also super portable, so if I’m reading in the park or somewhere random, I can always have some chocolate on me to read.

Mini Asian cakes


This is a huge category, but basically if you go to Asian grocery stores you can buy pre-packaged snack cakes. These little snacks are individually wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about portioning out some for yourself and you can grab one on your way out the door (if you’re a fan of reading outdoors).

The sweetness factor is also pretty subtle so you’re never searching for a glass of water to drink afterwards.

Mini cakes


Unlike the Asian cakes, these aren’t individually wrapped. Instead, these are the ones I love to pick up when I’m at a cafe. Another thing to keep in mind about these snacks is that you’ll need to sit at a table to eat them. God forbid I get some crumbs in my book that get lost in the binding.

I rarely do this mostly because I have so food restrictions, but

But the fun part about getting some small cake for yourself is how you can take your time with it. You can take one bite, read, and if the book is super good then you find yourself hours later with some more cake to eat! I mean, that’s if you can hold off your munching to get through that compelling passage.



While you may thought that my favorite snacks are all sweet, the truth is that I have a super strong salty palate. That being said, I love having some popcorn while I read. It’s got the same charm as watching a movie where I’m recklessly putting these fluffy kernels into my mouth as some riveting part of my book continues to compel me.

Potato chips


I do want to give a shout out to potato chips as well, but this isn’t a snack I take too often. The reason? They crumble too easily. Chips just happen to be too greasy so when I turn the page of the book, I don’t want my greasy fingerprints all over the page. For some reason, potato chips have the propensity to leave a greasy residue on anything you place it on. A white piece of paper can turn translucent from potato chips. Also, I always end up getting the crumbs in the binding and that irritates me to no end.



Of course cookies are an old standby. I can never have more than three at a time, which is great for me but most times I find myself savoring one cookie. I think it’s because when I order a cookie from a bakery, they’re always so big and it ends up being way more snack than I wanted.



The final one on this list is doughnuts. Similarly to chips, I try to avoid doughnuts when I read mostly because it’s so difficult to keep the sticky mess off your read. Even those honey glazed ones with nothing on them still have that sugary stuff all over it.

Sometimes I like to cut up my doughnut into bite size pieces and just use a fork to pop the pieces into my mouth. It’s a cleaner way of eating donuts, but not as fun as shoving that circular sugar tire into your mouth.

That’s my list! It may make it sound like I’m a super fatty, but the truth is that I only eat one or two pieces of any given snack. I’m not one to indulge unless it’s a certain time in the month. Did you see your favorite snack here? What are some of your favorite snacks while you read?

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