Words Between Worlds Book Club

Hey readers!

I just wanted to take a moment to shamelessly plug this new book club that I’m help running with my online friends. It’s called Words Between Worlds.

The club will be focusing on diverse reads because this is a theme that all of us share in common. We love reading diverse books and for many reasons. For some it’s to learn more about a culture they didn’t know before. For others it’s to learn more about themselves and their own voices.

The one thing I like to always consider is how reading and diverse books create empathy. We all live in a bubble and that’s not entirely a bad thing. We live our lives. We have our families and we have our responsibilities. Some people’s bubbles are wider and lets them travel all around the world to see new things and experience different cultures and people. Other people’s bubbles are smaller and that allows them to live comfortably and focus on what matters most to them.

For those who aren’t able to travel all around the world, there really isn’t any way to find out about what’s going on than to read. You’re either reading the news or in books, but you want to expand your bubble and read a lot more. I think it’s always great to take a journey outside of your comfort zone and open your heart to read about something you’re not used to reading.

That’s why we started this club. We are an eclectic group of people from all over the place and we want to share our thoughts and stories with everyone else. It’s a safe environment to share these thoughts and even if you may not relate to the culture or to the people, there’s always something more to learn.

I do hope you join us! You can find more info on our Goodreads page and we’ll also be posting your photos to our Instagram. Let’s get to reading more words between worlds!

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