Bookstore Tour: The Last Bookstore, Downtown Los Angeles

Bookstore Tour: The Last Bookstore, Downtown Los Angeles

I haven’t done a bookstore tour in a really long time. I think I was still living in Brooklyn where small bookstores reign gloriously. But I went on vacation and did some road tripping recently and I have bookstores to report back!

Today we’re going to be heading to the West (best) Coast to check out The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA. If you’re not aware, The Last Bookstore is probably¬†one of the most instagrammed bookstores. The reason: because this store is outfitted with artsy bookish displays for you and your friends to pose next to.

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Bookstore Tour – Hoehyeon Underground Market Bookstore


While on my travels in Korea, I wanted to spend some time checking out the local bookstores. Sadly, I didn’t check out any (blame it on the jetlag and laziness), but while walking through the city’s underground shopping centers, I came across a little bookstore crammed floor to ceiling with books.


I could barely fit myself into the store. A narrow entrance led me to books from all different genres, in different languages, and from different countries. The faint sound of classical music playing somewhere in the back indicated to me that this wasn’t just some personal collection unearthed and placed in a small store as storage. This place with a legitimate store with probably some sort of shelving system that I couldn’t discern. It almost felt like a “choose your own adventure” where you are lucky to find something you were looking for. The fun part is that you always find something.




Bookstore Tour – Books Are Magic


Books Are Magic is a midsize bookstore in the heart of Cobble Hill. Owned by Emma Straub and her husband, their dedication to bring an independent bookstore to their part of Brooklyn was such a success.

The walls smell like fresh paint and the bookshelves have that distinct musk that only books have when coupled with wood. It’s too bad there wasn’t a cafe because I’m pretty sure coffee would seal the deal and make it a true bookstore.


My first assumption I had about the store before even stepping foot into it was that it was some  place where they only sold like the 6th printed copy of Faulkner or only non-biographical pieces. But no, I was wrong. This place carried everything. From popular NYT best-sellers to some indie titles, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful and spacious bookstore in the middle of Cobble Hill.

The walls are lined with beautiful hardcover, paperback, fiction and non-fiction alike. Stepping deeper into the store you’ll find a whole room dedicated to children with little reading nooks for those who want a little bit of time to themselves.

Come by to read, to browse, to attend an event, or even to pick up a cute trinket or two. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Books Are Magic

225 Smith St

Brooklyn, NY 11231