Seven Reading Challenges to Fuel Your 2019 Reading Life

Seven Reading Challenges to Fuel Your 2019 Reading Life

I love a new year. New years always means new resolutions and while I have my own list of reading goals, I know some of you might be looking for something for yourself. I love that word, “challenge.” It means that you’re taking your regular life and trying to add more to it. It could be a new routine. It could be a different approach to what you’ve been doing. It could mean anything, but what it definitely means is standing outside of your comfort zone.

I love a good challenge and with that in mind, I put together a quick list of some reading challenges I found online. A few live on their own while others are within the Bookstagram community. I hope you find something that works for you!

The Reading Women Reading Challenge

As you can imagine, this reading challenge focuses on one overarching point; read more women. This challenge is great because it doesn’t just challenge you to read women, but it also challenges you to read diversely. I’m always up for challenges like this and while I won’t be participating in this one, if you love reading diversely and you love reading female authors, then you’ll love to follow along and try your hand.

The Guy With the Book’s #BetterReadsChallenge

Out of all the challenges, this is probably both the easiest and the hardest challenge to do. Instagrammer, @theguywiththebook, decided that this year he would read every single day. For some people, this isn’t an easy task. We all have busy lives with a lot of stuff going on and reading may have to take a back seat every once in a while. However, Faroukh challenges all of us to read every day. It doesn’t have to be all day and it doesn’t have to be an hour. He just challenges you to pick up that book and read it.

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

I love the read harder challenge because it really makes you read harder. If you’re the type looking to change up your reading life this year, then definitely try this one. It’ll get you out of your comfort zone and help you discover more enjoyable reads.

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge

If you’re looking for something on the easier side when it comes to challenges, I think Anne Bogel’s reading challenge for 2019 might be the one for you. It’s challenging yes, but in comparison to some of the others listed here, it feels a little bit more geared towards your own reading choices. You can easily find novels in your own collection or brand new ones at the store that fit into any of those categories. I think this is perfect for someone who wants to challenge themselves for the first time this year. No shame in that game!

The Unread Shelf’s Reading Challenge

I loved when Whitney from @theunreadshelf came up with this challenge last year and this year she’s continuing her challenge. Out of all the challenges, this is the one that’s most intriguing to me (and mostly because my unread bookshelves are bigger than my read ones). This year, you’ve got monthly prompts already set up for you and the challenge is to read what you already own. I’m very much into this idea and I’ve already started this challenge by adding two books from my backlist bookshelf to my monthly TBR. Also, I’ve got my own book club dedicated to reading books published before the current year. It’s going to be a blast to see how much shelf space I can make with this one.

Popsugar’s Reading Challenge

I discovered this challenge this year too and oh my gosh, I’m in lurve. Not only are the books on this list fun, but it challenges you to read based on aesthetics. Read a book with a plant on the cover! I mean, that could be anything. I think what Popsugar offers here is a fun reading experience. It’s not about improving your reading life or expanding your worldview. It’s about enjoying reading and challenging yourself in a different way. I might just follow these every once in a while to change up my reading life!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

The old tried and true reading challenge. Perhaps you’re not interested in upping your reading game. Perhaps the challenge for you this year is to read as much as you can. So for those folks, the Goodreads Reading Challenge is right for you. Just set the number of books you want to read this year and then do it. Read those books! But make sure to give yourself space and don’t worry if you can’t hit that goal at the end of the year. We’ve always got next year.


Six Great Reading Challenges for 2018

Six Great Reading Challenges for 2018

I don’t really have any resolutions for myself this year, but many of the goals I have are book based and meant to help expand my bookish horizons. I want to read more books by authors of color. I want to read more books about muslim and middle eastern people. I want to read more non-fiction. I did some analysis of what I read last year and made these goals for myself.

However, for some people, they want to feel even more challenged or challenge themselves for the first time. Maybe it’s finally picking up a book and reading one for the year. Maybe it’s reading 100 books in a year. As book readers, we challenge ourselves daily with what we want to read next. Give me something good to read, as I like to say.

Luckily for those who aren’t sure how they’d like to approach reading this year, book challenges exist for this very cause. I’m not the type of person to create challenges for other people to follow, but I’ve put together a list of some great reading challenges I found on the Internet.

Some of them are hosted by bigger well-known companies. Others are hosted by bookstagrammers like myself who just want to spread the good word. You can pick and choose whichever you want. I know that I’ll be trying my hand at a few to help my ever-growing need to expand my thinking, so don’t feel the pressure to stick with those you choose. These are just worth trying and there’s no shame in quitting if you can’t quite do them. We all know life throws us some nasty curveballs every once in a while.

For readers who want to read a few books this year

The best bet is to go with a simple challenge; give yourself a number of books to read this year and read it. This is a great challenge for those who love to read, but can’t find the time to do it. Goodreads is a great place to start your challenge! I’ve been using Goodreads for quite some years now and it’s been great to record what I’ve read, share with others, and challenge myself to read more. If you’re just starting out, this might be the perfect place to start. You can also find me there at simoneandherbooks.

For readers who want to read even harder

One challenge that I’m setting myself to do this year is the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. Book Riot has put together 24 prompts for you to follow throughout the year. It’s designed for you to choose two prompts per month. You don’t have to do them in order and you can double up on a few if you’d like. The challenge here is to take what you’ve been reading and take it to the next step. Try your hand on this one if you’re like me and love to expand your thinking.

For readers who own way too many unread books

I came across The Unread Shelf Project on Instagram as a way to challenge yourself to read the books on your TBR. We’re all culprits of buying way too many books and we end up spending years trying to get through the backlog. The ladies at @theunreadshelf@katereadsbooks, and @calsreads have decided to take this challenge head on. You can find more about this challenge by checking out their Instagram hashtag #theunreadshelfproject2018. As Whitney says in her first post, it’s not about shaming yourself for not reading these books. It’s about slowing down and reading what you have. I think I could probably participate in this one as well!

For readers who want to read more diversely

I know I have some goals for myself when it comes to diverse reads, but I also know that Sara-Jayne over at @bookish.harpy has decided to create a unique challenge. Her #harpiesreadtheworld will be themed prompts throughout the year. The challenge is to read books within those themes. That’s it! However, the themes SJ chose will be a little tougher than just reading more stories written by POC. I’ve already got a few books down for the three prompts and I hope I can keep up with them during this busy January!

For readers who never read Harry Potter

This is a great one! I’ve read Harry Potter twice in my life, but because of my age and the age of some of my bookish friends that option came a little late for them. So, Maggie at @mugandnook decided to create a challenge of reading Harry Potter throughout the year. She’s put together a plan for pacing out all seven books throughout the year, but if you’re like me, you might want to read them all at once. As she described it, this is for anyone who wants to read or reread Harry Potter. It’s more of a buddy read than a challenge, but you can follow along at #harreadpotter for more discussions and sharing.

For readers who love to photograph their reads

Calling all bookstagrammers! If you’re just starting out as a book influencer on Instagram, then this challenge will help you get started. The lovely ladies at @theardentbiblio will be hosting photo prompts each month. The task is easy; take photos of books based on what the prompt says and post it on that day. This is a great way to ease yourself into taking bookish photos for yourself or for others! Who knows, maybe you’ll be an influencer with that sick #instalife.