Get Ready to Fall For Fantasy

Get Ready to Fall For Fantasy

Happy Friday, readers!

The weather is finally changing from summer to autumn, so you know what that means. It’s time to read fantasy books!

I don’t know why, but I correlate autumn with fantasy. I think it’s because all the Harry Potter books came out in autumn or they just invoke those feelings of autumn and now I’ve got it in my head that I need to read fantasy when the weather is cooler. Who else feels this way?

So while you get your pumpkin spice pantry stocked and pull out the sweaters from storage, here’s what you can expect from me as I sit amongst the golden leaves of Autumn:

Book reviews

I don’t think a book blog is complete without reviews. It’s a part of the entire process and I will be reviewing some amazing books (and hopefully my most anticipated). I’ll be sharing more fantasy reads publishing these months including some new releases! I also want to dive into some book series I’ve been meaning to read and finally putting on my radar. Doesn’t it seem like if a book is published before the month you’re currently in, it somehow disappears?

Lists and Recommendations

I haven’t done this a lot mostly because I worry people won’t like what I recommend, but I’ll be doing more lists and recommendations for folks within the genre. I hope you like my recommendations even though I’m slightly nervous on how they’ll turn out.


And of course, you’ll get my essays on reading. I love when you all read my thoughts on a subject and respond back. I want to do more think pieces for you all this season within the fantasy realm and anything else that sort of crops up in my head. I always love the conversations we have whenever I publish one of these, so I hope to fill my month with many more essays on reading, books, and fantasy stories!

Can’t wait to get started! Will you be reading fantasy books this fall? What do you have on your radar?




Life Update: I’m going to Korea!

Hey folks!

So in the next few weeks, you might not see a lot of updating here re: books. If anything, you’ll see me wandering the streets of Seoul as I head to Korea for two weeks. A friend of my sister’s is getting married and I got to join them on the trip. I’m so excited! I’ve never been to Korea and it’s finally time for this Korean girl to get back to her roots.

I’ll try to post on my regularly scheduled times (Mon, Wed, Fri, if you weren’t aware) and of course I’ll be reading, so I’ll be updating with book thoughts throughout.

If you’re really interested in seeing what I’m up to while I’m in Korea, follow me on Instagram and Twitter! I’m sure I’ll be writing so much more about my trip there. I hope you don’t mind a few blog posts about what I see and do.

Take care!