My Seven Reading Goals for 2019

My Seven Reading Goals for 2019

Happy New Year everyone! While I have one big goal to reach 100 books this year, I do have several other goals I want to make this year. Here’s what I’ll be working on this year!

Read the ebooks I own

Have you ever been caught up in all the physical books you buy that you totally forget about the books you buy for your e-reader? Well, I’m one of those people. I always take part in the great Amazon e-book deals and stock my Kindle Paperwhite with a ton of books. However, I don’t read them. I just completely forget they’re there and sometimes I’ve even bought physical copies of books I’ve bought for the Kindle. So I want to make a concerted effort to dwindle my e-books list down this year.

Finish up those fantasy series

There is so much fantasy in this world that I’m having trouble keeping up. While people are moving on to newer series, I’m still reading the ones I haven’t finished. So this year, I want to finish the fantasy series I’ve started and also read some more “classic” fantasy novels. I say this loosely because I don’t think a book that was written in the last ten years is a classic. They’re just more widely read than the other fantasy series I’ve got on my list. I’ll definitely share those books with you soon.

Read more diverse authors

This is a goal I put on my list every year. I’ll probably put this on my list every year because I don’t ever want to forget. I’ll always be seeking out more diverse authors and more work written by marginalized voices. I’m just formally adding it.

Read more books for adults

I got a request from a reader here that I should read more adult books. It’s true, I do lean on YA when I’m feeling a little burn out and I’m reading a lot of YA fantasy series, so I can understand the demand. But I do want to change that this year. One of the big things I want to let go is contemporary YA. I think I’m a little too old for the stories and I’m feeling less and less resonance with them. However, I will still seek out YA written by authors of color because I love representation. I’m just going to incorporate more novels written by adults too.

Read one non-fiction book a month

Last year, I made it a goal of mine to read more non-fiction. I ended the year reading like four non-fiction books. So I want to change this. Instead, I’m going to dedicate one book on my TBR to a non-fiction read. You might hate me though because I only like reading memoirs and autobiographies. I’m sorry if you’re looking for something else.

Read books directly from my bookshelf

Like any good resolution list, I need to make a resolution to save money. For this, I’m planning to read more books off my bookshelf. I always collect so many books throughout the year, so aside from a book buying binge I’ll do for my birthday, I’ll probably keep my wallet in my purse for 2019.

Try out novels from genres you overlook

I love that last year I found all the genres I love to read. It really makes picking books easier for you, but it also keeps you from reading what might be a great read. So this year, I want to expand my genres and read books I would normally overlook. It might not be a strong effort, but it’s a way for me to keep my mind open. I hate it when I’m closed-minded about something. The stubborn person in me needs to change.