I’m Excited About Tolkien

I’m Excited About Tolkien

Happy #MiddleEarthMarch!

Well, I wish I was reading The Lord of the Rings this month, but I have too many books to read. I think Middle Earth will have to hold until April for me. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not excited about the new trailer for Tolkien. You can watch the teaser trailer above.

The movie is supposed to be about the years that inspired a lot of what JRR Tolkien wrote in The Lord of the Rings. It covers his time in the war, his friendships, his obsession with language, and the love for his wife. Did you know that JRR Tolkien was totally in love with his wife and he considered her the muse of his work?

If you didn’t, then you might want to give the movie a shot. I know I’ll be watching it because I can’t resist the story of one of the most coveted fantasy novels of all time. I think this is going to be the Year of the Rings (I just made this up). Even the new series Amazon is working on will begin with the second age, the years where the ring was created and used by the all-powerful (and super scary) Sauron. With the new TV show in the works for Amazon and this new biopic on JRR Tolkien, I think a lot of people are going to pick up this book and fall deeply in love with the world Tolkien created.

Anyone else excited about this one? Anyone else a fan of author biopics?