What I’m Reading This Weekend – July 13, 2018

What I’m Reading This Weekend – July 13, 2018

Hello everyone!

I just got back from LA and I’m spending my day catching up on my reviews and going grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping, but it’s just a pain to go to the store, bring the food back, carry the food to the door, and then put it all in the fridge. I wish someone would just do all of that for me.

Ha, but enough about me. I’ve been doing some reading while I was in Los Angeles and I’ll be sharing those reviews with you next week. However, today isn’t about books I’ve already read. Today is about books I’ll be reading this weekend. YAY!

I love making lists of what I’ll be reading over the weekend. Even though I never stick to these lists, I wanted to share them and share some great reads you can add to your TBR. I do hope to mix it up, but for now they’re going to be newer reads since I’ve got a lot of books I’m reading. I’ll include my reasons for reading them instead of a description. You can find descriptions by clicking the title of the book.

Hope you enjoy these ones in the future!

x Simone

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