The 15 Fantasy Books I’ll Read This Fall

The 15 Fantasy Books I’ll Read This Fall

While I was putting this list together, I was thinking about the books I’ve been wanting to read but never made time for them. Don’t you just hate having books you said you’ll read and then they languish on the shelf for years? Well, this #FallForFantasy I plan on busting my fantasy TBR with some backlisted fantasy and some new fantasy reads as well.

But I didn’t want to get caught with cramming my entire month with fantasy books. I love fantasy and I do dedicate a lot of time to reading fantasy books, but I need some other genres in my monthly TBRs just to keep things interesting. So instead of a formal TBR for October, November, and December, I decided to pick the top 15 fantasy books I want to read these upcoming months.

I thought a lot about this because not only did I want to read these fantasy books, but I also wanted to keep in the spirit of everything else going on around us. So I have some spooky fantasy reads, some Latinx authors for Latinx Heritage Month (it ends October 15th, so you still have time).

I’ll also be exploring Rebecca Roanhorse’s Black Sun as well as catching up on Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. I also wanted to finally read the first book in the Wheel of Time series as well as Robin Hobb’s famous Assassins series.

I also want to mention that these won’t be the only books I’ll read the next three months. I’ll be reading more, but dedicating five books from this list per month to give fantasy books the upper hand on my very delicate and balanced TBR. You’ve probably read some of these. You’ve probably been putting them off for years just like me! But if you take anything away from this blog post, it’s this: if you make the time to read the books, then you’ll read them.

Here’s What I’m Reading for #FallForFantasy

Welcome to #FallforFantasy

Welcome to #FallforFantasy

Happy October, everyone!

Every fall, I dedicate the seasons finally cooling down and entering winter with some great fantasy reads. Personally, I’ve been calling it “Fall Fantasy.” I don’t dedicate my entire TBR to reading fantasy books, but there’s always an emphasis to read the fantasy books I’ve been meaning to read. There’s always a reread of some of my favorites. And there’s always something new and interesting being published.

This fall is no exception, but I did want to bring you along on the journey. That’s why I’m launching #FallForFantasy! It’s not really a hashtag, but a series of blog posts and Instagram posts about reading fantasy books. Fantasy is such a great genre and I couldn’t recommend it enough, but I know that it’s not easy to read and some books are so over your head that you’re clueless by the end of the book. What I want to focus on during these months is getting you into fantasy books that work for you. There’s tons of great stories that won’t slump you or frustrate you with its jargon and I want to highlight those books as we head into the holidays.

My objective this year is to give those new to the genre or those who are casual readers fantasy books that will match their tastes and bring them closer to enjoying this incredibly rich genre. There’s so much you can learn about the world through fantasy books and the funny thing is that it’s all made up. It’s incredible how deeply you’re able to relate to a character without fully knowing the world they live in. Also, it’s a great escape while we’re all stuck at home. I hope that I entice you with some great reads, good feelings, and a comfy cozy autumn.

Over the next three months, I’ll be sharing some fantasy recommendations for new and experienced fantasy readers. I’ll be cozying up to some yummy treats and seasonal fun moments. I’m also launching my fantasy book club on Patreon. You’re more than welcome to head over there and join my “Simone and Her Book Club” tier!

As for this hashtag, it’s for you! Share with me your favorite cozy moments, fantasy books you’re reading this season, or recommendations you started because of me. I will share all of it on my blog and Instagram to promote the season, the books, and the great moments we’ll be having together.

Hope you enjoy me this fall as we explore some incredible fantasy novels!