May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Welcome to Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! OMG, this is the month where I celebrate my heritage with some amazing books written by Asian American and Pacific Islander authors.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different with my reading. I wanted to still read API authors, but I also didn’t want to buy any new books. So I decided to scour through my massive TBR and locate all the books I’ve collected written by Asian or Pacific Islander authors. The number came out to 14, which I think is good because I don’t think I’ll have enough time to read them all.

The list is formidable with tons of new releases across several genres and most of them are representative than another immigrant story. I’ve read a lot of immigrant stories over the past year, so I’m looking for the next level of diverse stories. I won’t be able to commit to reading them all, but I do want to share with you my list of books and highlight the ones I’m most excited to read. Here’s what’s on my list:

Like I mentioned, I won’t read everything on this list, but I will try. You can say this is my designated TBR for May (even though I’ve sworn those off). But I love my mix of genres here. There’s a little fantasy, a little romance, some horror, but a lot of literary fiction. I don’t mind though. I think the mix will help with keeping me interested in reading all of these books. It’s always good to have a mix.

What I’m most excited about reading are Miracle Creek, The Poppy War,¬†and Wildcard. These are highly anticipated reads for me for a really long time and I’m finally making the time to read them.

I’m also super excited about my re-read of The Joy Luck Club. I read this book back when I was 16 and really struggling with who I was in this vast country. Being born here doesn’t stop you from feeling isolated or alone in the only country you know.

What will you be reading this month for Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage month?