I Started a Patreon

Today is going to be an interesting day because today I’m sharing my newly created Patreon account. Woot! Fireworks!

You can find my Patreon page here, but before you head over there I wanted to make a little time to discuss why I decided to do a Patreon, what the tiers include, and what this means for my blog and bookstagram.

Why I’m Starting a Patreon

I’ve been looking for a job for about two years now with no luck. I don’t have the right credentials. I don’t live in New York City, so I can’t work for most of the publishing houses. It’s been a grueling process that the pandemic hasn’t helped make better. So I did what any average adult who’s looking for their second career would do; I wrote down what it is I wanted from a job and what I didn’t want.

What I wanted is a place where I can come and create content for a website. I can engage with a community through social media and share some great books to read. And when I thought about all the things I wanted, I realized I was doing exactly that…but for no pay.

I want to read books, share books, share my thoughts, and provide recommendations for you. I love writing about books and sharing my thoughts. I love having conversations about books as well and even having a dissenting argument with someone who liked a book I didn’t like or vice versa. I want to do what I’m doing right now.

So how do I make that happen?

Patreon is a platform that allows creatives like myself to continue to do what I’m doing. With a monthly payment (like a micro-subscription), you’re providing me with what I need to keep my blog going, sharing more on my Instagram account, and always recommend new and exciting books to read. For now, my Patreon will fund my ability to continue to do what I’m doing plus invite you to the process. I’ll be posting to my Patreon feed including surveys, polls, giveaways, and the like. This is a way for you to be more active with me! With your support, I’ll be able to continue to make content for my Instagram page which currently hosts photos, Reels, and IGTV videos of the books I’m reading and promoting. I might be able to afford a new camera and maybe even a new computer so that I can continue writing blog posts here. I might also be able to add more content to other forms of social media like a monthly happy hour or a book club.

But ultimately what this will allow me to do is be myself, share with you, and continue to read and write about books.

The Tiers

Thank You! ($3)

The Thank You tier is for anyone who would love to support me, but can’t afford much. It’s okay! It’s a wild world right now and if you’re thinking of putting $3 to me instead of a local charity or someone else, I’m just so grateful for it.

A Cup of Coffee ($5)

Your support means so much to mean and if all you can afford is to buy me a cup of coffee, then I thank you deeply for it. This will help fund the coffee that I drink everyday, but also any other little cafe drinks I drum up and share in the future.

The Newsletter ($10)

The Newsletter is something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. However, the newsletter here will be a little bit different than an average newsletter. Well, for one, it’ll be a personal letter from me every week. Of course it will have its fair share of content sharing and links to articles and things I shared on Patreon’s activity feed, but I also wanted to bring a little bit of what’s going on in my life to your life. I won’t be starting the newsletter until at least 10 patrons are subscribed to this tier.

I do plan on adding more tiers in the future including personal letters to you every month and a possible book club. I’m so excited about all of this and I can’t wait to share more and more with you all here and on Instagram.

What Will This Mean?


I would truly be grateful if you took the time to be a patron of mine, but I also want to emphasize deeply how this is optional. I’ve never wanted to keep anyone from the content that I create unless it requires a lot more work, effort, time, and money to do it. Perhaps there will be something along those lines in the future, but it wouldn’t deviate from what I’m doing now. This blog will stay the same. Access to me on Instagram will still be the same. The only thing that might change is a new feature might sit behind a paywall, but it’ll also be optional and entirely up to you as my patron and my followers to take part in that or not. The whole point is to make supporting me an option. I deeply grateful for any donations I receive, but I’m also happy that you’re here and hanging out with me.

If anything, you’ll see an uptick in blog content and more stuff on Instagram than what’s already offered. This allows me the freedom to create content that’s engaging and provides you with some great entertainment, but also information.

I look forward to this next stage in my little world. I hope you’re able to continue with me.

One thought on “I Started a Patreon

  1. This is SO exciting. I love the idea of writing down all of the things you do/don’t want from a job – that’s definitely something I need to do, I think! – and that it got you to this idea. I wish you all of the luck with it!


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