My January 2018 TBR

With all this talk of resolutions, I forgot to post what I’ll be reading this month. I’ve basically themed this month as “get your act together” month. This means reading those ARCs that have been sitting on my desk for months and clearing out some books before they’re released. That’s mostly what was going through my mind when I was deciding what books I wanted to read.

For the first half of the year, I think I’m going to be doing a mix of books I want to read and books I need to read. Not everything is about work, but sometimes it can be so throwing in a few books that engage me will help break up the stuff that needs a review. Here’s a breakdown of all the books I will be reading in January!

This might look like a formidable list of books, but I’ve got a lot of time to read now with my new job and will definitely taking advantage of it. I know that my “need-to-read” books will take precedent over my “want-to-read” books, so fingers crossed for me that I get to read everything I wanted.

What does your TBR look like this month?

11 thoughts on “My January 2018 TBR

  1. What a great list, Simone! I’m pretty excited about my list for January; I have a BOTM club pick, a few ARCs (I’m reading one now – The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin), and a new audiobook. I’ll be following along and hope you enjoy these!


      1. I finished listening to Unbelievable by Katy Tur (about her assignment to cover him on the campaign trail for NBC – highly recommend!) and now I’m listening to The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu; a very positive way to start the year, especially after the Trump nonsense – ha!


    1. Its a great little book. I’ve been reading it periodically and just feeling so inspired by it. I don’t know if I can eat cake everyday, but other stuff applies 😊


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